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Real Talk: DJ White Rose

You know what can really make or break your big day? WE DO!

I often share with clients that their guests will always remember if the food was good and if they danced at your wedding. I always encourage my couples that money is well spent if you have a DJ that has experience, reliable equipment, and can keep your guests dancing through the night.

PR Events had the amazing opportunity to meet with owner of White Rose Entertainment. Jeff Verschage has been in the industry for over 20 years and has performed over 6000 weddings in Central Florida. His amazing team is made up of 20 DJS, trained to ask the right questions and match the needs of the clients and their music profile to the right professional.

Catch the full video at the link below, but here are some of our favorite questions!

Why White Rose Entertainment? EXPERIENCE. When you are not sure or have a question, the White Rose team can help provide multiple options to guide the couple. WRE has trained DJs that understand the many details of a wedding and the important questions to ask you to ensure they do not miss a beat. Most importantly, these professionals do this EVERY WEEKEND and know how to properly perform a wedding.

How important is it to have a professional wedding DJ company? If you push play on a playlist, you lose opportunities to read the crowd. There is not a Master of Ceremonies (MC) to introduce the couple and you are lacking in every way. A professional wedding DJ understands what is supposed to happen. For example, before you have the Maid of Honor standing to make a toast, I need to check that the catering team has made it to all the tables with that champagne and the photographer is in position.If you are spending money on a photographer, it is worth it to spend the money on your entertainment to ensure those moments are being caught.My team is trained by me and have followed me for at least 6 months assisting on the day of wedding to do it the way I do, down to the words are scripted and how to read the music profile.

How do you keep the party going?

What makes a wedding dj good? If they play what you want to hear and makes you dance. I love to ask the crowd what it is that will make them get up and dance and then shout them out before the song plays. Soon, they will be hollering songs out. The other way is how we build the schedule. If we can get the guests standing during a special moment, they are already on the floor when we drop the music. Every guest came to have a good time.

How do you work with a planner?

On the day of, the planner is the single point of contact and I take my cues from them. It’s a partnership. The planner may grab the bride and groom, while we grab the parents for a toast to make sure everyone is board and ready to go.  So many things change daily and momentarily throughout the day. I love being the person that the planner looks to to make things happen smoothly and instantly. Another reason why it’s important to have a two person team, one to keep the music and party going, while the other is behind the scenes, working out any kinks in the day. But, there are so many things that a planner does day of that the dj can’t do while keeping the guests and couple dancing.

KEEP, TOSS or UPDATE?!- This is the fun part of our series where we look at traditional wedding situations and decide if we would keep, toss or update it!

Private last dance– KEEP IT! The couple gets a private moment, and the couple have a chance to line up for the grand exit. It is personal preference whether you want it to be just the two of you or surrounded by all your friends and family.

Bouquet and Garter Toss– Update! 90% of your guest have a different vibe of what you like, so TELL US! We can give you ideas such as giving the bouquet to the longest married couple, or the garter just appears rather than taking it off, break away bouquets.

Photo booths-Keep It! It’s fun and can be doubled as a party favor.

Interactive Activities– Depends on your crowd, are they a personal and get to know each other crowd, or do they want to party? A professional wedding DJ will ask you the right questions about your family dynamics to get some of these ideas in your meeting

Live Bands/Entertainment- Keep! If you can afford it in your budget, it magnifies the night. DJs are great for to accompany live entertainment to pick up during slow times without a hard stop, and can be switched back and forth for breaks, dinner etc. Keep in mind that they should be added to rather than in place of DJs.

Posted by Priscilla Locke on Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Meet Priscilla: PR Events

Hello loves, I’m Priscilla Rose! Before I share about PR Events, let me share a little bit about the planner behind the brand. I am a NYC gal, carrying my city sass in my 5’1 stature and Jessica Simpson heels. I am lost without my daily planner and Starbucks, but I love winding down with football, movie marathons and a glass of wine. I run my business like I run my life, full of laughter, style, and personal connections with friends and family.  And, some champagne and cake! My go-to love quote is: “Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours – from the wise words of Beethoven (and Carrie Bradshaw!)

Let’s chat about PR Events. PR formally stands for Priscilla Rose Events, but also mirrors what PRE does for its clients, and that is “represents”. Much like a PR rep works for celebrities, PR Events represents our couples from consultation to implementation of design and planning. We ensure that our couples have the right information to make the right choices for them, and the style to do so with the sparkle their big day deserves.  Coming from an education background, (6 years as middle school teacher) educating my clients is a huge part of my job. As the planner, I am the network and link between the couple and every other aspect of the wedding. So, let me share 3 ways a planner can personalize and educate their couple’s big day!


  1. Personal design & inspiration- One of the best parts of my job is helping you fine tune your big day. In a recent poll, 70% of Pinterest users claim that they have wedding-themed boards before they’re even engaged! Listen, you don’t need me (or any professional) to tell you your style, favorite colors and theme for the wedding you have been dreaming of. But, you do need someone to help clean up those ideas and give you a clean, cohesive look. What I do as a planner, is take a look at your photos and boards at our consultation and then create 2-3 vision boards of my own to help guide you through a focused look and style. Together, we go through the inspiration and give you the next few steps to make it a reality! PR Events offers design!

2. Guiding clients- Each couple and wedding is unique, which means so are their needs! Most engaged couples are Millennials, which means their wedding is the first real thousands of dollar commitment they will make as an adult. Because they don’t know what they don’t know, they’re not sure the costs of professionals, what to look for, or what questions to ask. A planner should help educate and lead the way to the right professionals and help prepare their clients for each meeting. PR Events has started a growing live series called the Real Talk with Real Professionals. Each month, we take on real topics and queions from engaged couples and answer them with real professionals in the industry, and of course drink champagne while we chat! The goal is to educate couples, alleviate their fear that they should know the answers and put real professionals in front of them at the same time! Visit Real Talk on the links at the end of the blog.


  1. Personalizing Professionals and Resources- Being in the industry, I constantly hear that clients feel overwhelmed, or they want to avoid becoming overwhelmed (planner please!). Therefore, my job is to help eliminate work for couples by cutting the corners I know I can and to give only what I need to. For example, if I have a couple who I know has a smaller budget, I will not put on their checklist to hire a calligrapher and order programs and menus. These are extra expenses that my client can eliminate unless I know that is a want for them. I need to know my couples and be able to customize general checklists, to-dos, and professional lists to them. I would hate for them to be overwhelmed with “extras” or feel like they are missing out on something that may not be in their budget. My job gives me the opportunity to work with amazing and local professionals each week. I know their personalities, strengths, costs, and clientele. The best way to personalize and educate is to show couples their options with wedding professionals. A planner can easily match and set up a meeting with a quick phone call with the quirky photographer that matches their budget needs and has their date available faster than the client can filter through the thousands of Central Florida photographers that pop up on a search engine. When speaking with my couples, I am already calcu
  2. lating who may be their best match. I also tell that professional the details of their day (their date, services needed, fun fact about the couple and their style). What better way to help personalize a big day?

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